New administrative office for the congregation and thanks.

Information word of Jean François TROY, administrative manager of the congregation Paldenshangpa Montpellier since his appointment by his Eminence Kalou Rimpoche.
“I would like to express my thanks to our multitasking and appreciated secretary: Laurence who has assisted me in the day-to-day management of our congregation in recent years. However, she chose to withdraw from her position and we reorganized a new office to replace her.
These are three new people you know well and who now support our structure:
Laetitia as secretary.
Valerie at the head of the shop.
Virginie as accountant.
I have already been able to appreciate their dedication, commitment and motivation and have no doubt about their contribution to the vitality of the center in the general interest with constant humility and good humor. No doubt it will be beneficial to all and a great support for our Lamas.”

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