May 16-17 : coming of Mogchok Rinpoche in Montpellier.

Teaching on Niguma’s Lamrim. The most venerable Mogchok Rinpoche is a Tibetan master, holder of Shangpa Kagyu and Gelugpa lineages.At the age of three, he was recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of Mogchokpa Rinchen Tseudru, a great yogi whose lineage goes back to the 11th century. Mogchok Rinpoche studied at...

Welcome to Paldenshangpa Montpellier

Founded in 1975 by Kyabje Kalou Rinpoche, the Paldenshangpa Montpellier Buddhist Center is affiliated with the Shangpa School of Tibetan Buddhism and places itself under the spiritual authority of Kalu Rinpoche. Located north of Montpellier, it offers a regular program of meditation practices, teachings and spiritual retreats in a Tibetan temple of traditional style.