Welcome to Paldenshangpa Montpellier

Temple Paldenshangpa Montpellier

The resident Lama will not be there from 14 February to 1 March.

Founded in 1975 by Kyabje Kalou Rinpoche, the Paldenshangpa Montpellier Buddhist Center is affiliated with the Shangpa School of Tibetan Buddhism and places itself under the spiritual authority of Kalu Rinpoche. Located north of Montpellier, it offers a regular program of meditation practices, teachings and spiritual retreats in a Tibetan temple of traditional style.

  • Schedule change for the mental calm
    The mental calm session on Tuesday will be at 12 pm during the curfew. For newcomers, we also propose a one hour meditation session on monday at 12pm. Due to capacity restrictions, please send an e-mail to contact@paldenshangpamontpellier.org to reserve.